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Number of fish farmers and institutions


Marine ecosystem restored(Ha)


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Seaweed Farmers Groups

ABB Provides

  1. Community Training(Acquaculture, Mangrove Restoration, Seaweed Value Chain and Fish Value Chain
  2. Consultation on Nature Based Solutions
  3. Sustainable acquaculture Projects

In the immediate and long term, our focus is to:

  • Create jobs and generate income. Aquaculture is a form of production that create jobs for people in all stages-from farming to processing to marketing.
  • Improve food security. Aquaculture helps to increase the availability of affordable and nutritious food, which is essential for health, reducing poverty and hunger.
  • Empower women and youth. Aquaculture can provide women and youth with the opportunity to earn their own income and improve their social status in kenya.
  • Diversify rural economies. Aquaculture can help to reduce poverty in rural areas by providing a new source of income for farmers in Kenya
  • Provide aquaculture training and advocacy. ABB will provide the necessary training to maximize aquaculture production in Kenya.
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